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Welcome to the MIT Assassins' Guild wiki!

The primary focus of this wiki is a TVTropes inspired catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing MIT Assassins' Guild games.

From the original wiki: "Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations." For the Assassins' Guild, as a relatively long-lived organization, we also have our own repeated patterns and common mechanics, which come up again and again because they are well understood and are fun!

The basic structure of the wiki mirrors that of TVTropes. We have trope pages, such as Destroy the World, we have game pages, such as Synchronicity.

Help get this wiki setup, by adding a new page, editing existing ones, or trawling the archives (you can access them on Athena at /mit/assassin/Archive for inspiration and material). A little overwhelmed? Pick a guild game you played recently you enjoyed, and look for tropes that fit your character, and add information about it. Recently GM a game, and are particularly proud of a mechanic you wrote? Make a page about it! (And go into some detail about how you designed it, and how it played out in game.)

One of the things this wiki hopes to become is a valuable reference for game writers, who would like to write a mechanic of some particular type, and would like to see what has been tried before, how it was done, and what worked and what didn't.

Since a large component of guild games is story-telling, you may find that you want to link to TVTropes articles: you can do this using the t: interwiki prefix, for example, [[t:LoveTropes|]] turns into LoveTropes.

Games which are not dead should not be cited here! Spreading information about games that may be run again in the near future spoils the enjoyment for everyone. Use the {{notdead}} template to indicate this.

Tensions in Live-Action Roleplaying Game Design - 2003 S.M. Thesis by Philip Tan



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